If you are real traders, and make money trading, why do you need to sell your master class & mentorship program?
Cash Flow – We get paid to help change people’s lives. It’s a win-win for both the mentor and the mentee. Also, we get to use the additional cash-flow for other investments, vacations, or helping others in need.

Impact – Mentoring not only gives us additional cash flow productivity, but we also get enjoyment out of it because we are passionate about what we do. 

Mentorship - Mentorship is a powerful tool for facilitating personal and professional growth. Because we are passionate about trading, it’s an extremely satisfying feeling helping others reach their goals of becoming financially independent simply by transferring our skill set and knowledge.

Lifestyle – Because we only trade from 8:00 am -11:00 am Monday through Friday, and we limit client enrollment to just 10 clients per quarter, we have plenty of free time to fill our days with. 

We are not glued to our computer screens all day. We don't spend money on marketing, and we don’t spend time building content for social media marketing because 90% of our clients are by referral. 

Most days, mentoring takes just an hour or two. So, mentoring doesn’t get in the way of our trading or enjoying life.