What is The Koda FX Group Copy Trade Program?
Our Master Class & Mentorship Program participants must be 18 and over.
For those individuals interested in capitalizing from the Foreign Exchange Market’s $6.6 trillion average daily volume, but have no interest in learning how to trade, we offer our premier forex copy trade program.

Specifically, “Copy Trading” is defined as; a client’s personal forex trading account that automatically duplicates the trades executed by The Koda FX Group LLC’s designated trading account.
It’s important to understand that The Koda FX Group does not trade our client's accounts.

But rather, our client’s MT4 accounts mirror the trades executed by the Koda FX Group’s designated MT4 trading account.
Both parties can terminate this agreement at any time by email, or text message.
Our clients have sole ownership of their forex accounts. No one at The Koda FX. has access to our client’s personal forex trading account. 

No one at The Koda FX Group LLC. can withdraw any funds from our client’s personal forex trading account.

Clients are responsible for compensating The Koda FX Group LLC. within 2 days after withdrawal of profits. 
Compensation: All payouts are paid monthly. Both parties agree on a 50/50 split of all monthly profits gained on the “Copy Trade Account”.
A minimum of $25,000.00 account is required to join our copy trade program. 

For more details about our Copy Trade Program, visit our FAQ Page